Consulting Services

Schools today face an ever-growing list of challenges, expectations, and state and federal government mandates. Each year teachers are expected to do more within the limits of a fixed school day. In this environment, the effective implementation of new curricular material within the existing class schedule and curriculum can be a daunting task. In order to be responsive to the needs of different schools and districts, Lions Quest programs were designed to be flexible. They can be presented as stand-alone courses of varying lengths or be integrated within existing classes. The wide variety of options, however, further adds to the complexity of designing an optimal Lions Quest curricular map.

For this reason, Lions Quest offers a wide array of consulting services to assist schools and districts with the implementation of Lions Quest programming. Our highly experienced training staff is available to provide both on-site and distance consultation services, which may be contracted either prior to, or during program implementation. These services may include:

Pre-implementation services:

  • In-depth explanation of program and philosophy
  • Assistance with selection of best implementation options
  • Assistance with designing curricular map of specific lessons to be taught
  • Preparing to coordinate school or district-wide implementation

Services for current implementers:

  • Resolving specific problems that have arisen during implementation
  • Assistance with revisions of initial curricular maps
  • Expanding program, school or district-wide
  • Promoting greater parent and/or community involvement

To request consulting services or discuss options and prices, please call 1-800-446-2700 or 1-630-468-6818

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