Evaluation Reports

"Lions Quest has provided schools and communities with the best of what research and experience tell us are sound programs for positive prevention," Allan Cohen, Ph.D. Founder and Vice President of the Pacific Institute of Research and Evaluation.

Contained in this section are three things:

  1. Reviews: These are reviews from objective organizations on the overall effectiveness of Lions Quest programs.
  2. Evaluation Results: These are specific results found by various review organizations or independent researchers evaluating Lions Quest programs.
  3. Evaluation Reports: These are full scientific evaluation reports.


Evaluation Results

For a quick synopsis of the Impact of Lions Quest programs, download a short report, which outlines:

  • What is needed for Positive Youth Development
  • How Lions Quest Programs Address Young People's Needs
  • Why Lions Quest Programs are Effective
  • How Lions Quest Programs Impact Young People
  • Examples in Action

Evaluation Reports

U.S. and Canada

International Reports

Please visit our Program Resources for evaluation tools to assist with your organization's evaluation of Lions Quest implementation.

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