Serving youth has been a longstanding mission of Lions Clubs International- supporting Lions Quest since 1984. In June 2002, Lions Quest began a new era as Lions Clubs International Foundation (LCIF) purchased the program from its former owner, the International Youth Foundation. To date, LCIF has awarded more than 178 grants for a cumulative total of more than $13.2 million to expand or establish Lions Quest programs across the United States and around the world.

Quest International dates from 1975 when Rick Little, as a 19-year old college student facing a personal crisis, set out on a "quest" to help other young people develop the skills and strength of character they would need to cope with difficulties. Little eventually founded and served as chief executive officer of the International Youth Foundation.

Quest received an initial grant in 1977 from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, with the George Gund Foundation and the Reader's Digest Association contributing additional start-up funds. In cooperation with youth development experts, Quest created and launched its first program, Skills for Living, based on the philosophy of partnering the family, school and local community.

Today, that philosophy sustains Lions Quest, available in 36 languages in 80 countries across the globe. Lions have been key to the success and expansion of Lions Quest, supporting the program through local funding, coordinating teacher training, co-hosting parent meetings, speaking to youth, and undertaking joint service projects with students.

Who Are Lions?

Since 1917, Lions Clubs International has embraced the dream of its founder, Melvin Jones, and worked for the betterment of local communities and the world at large. Whether responding when disaster strikes, helping the disabled face obstacles and challenges, or providing children with a safe and healthy learning environment, Lions Clubs International members are there to serve.

It is this dedication and commitment to service that has made Lions Clubs International the world's largest service organization with 1.3 million members in 205 countries and geographic areas.

More than 26 years ago, Lions embraced the idea of comprehensive youth development in order to help children grow in a positive direction, free from the dangers of drugs and violence. They helped to develop the Lions Quest programs and have continued to support them locally through financial or in-kind donations, and through partnering with students on service projects that impact their community.

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Does It Work?
Students gained skills in self awareness and management, learning to deal with conflict peacefully, and social awareness. The school graduation rate increased from 37% in 2010 to more than 90% in 2011.
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