About Lions Quest

As educators, parents, and community members, we have an opportunity to impact the lives of young people every day. Lions Quest believes that when the home, school and community work together, we can better nurture our young people, better connect learning to life, and better guide youth toward healthy lives and active citizenship.

For young people to achieve their potential, we need to recognize that potential is defined by more than academic achievement. Social and emotional learning is increasingly recognized as a critical element of education that can help us cultivate safe and supportive classrooms and nurture healthy, well-balanced young men and women.

Our Mission

To empower and support adults throughout the world to nurture caring and responsibility in young people.

What is Lions Quest?

Lions Quest is a K-12 comprehensive youth development program that promotes social and emotional learning (SEL), character education, bullying prevention, drug awareness, and service-learning.

Lions Quest features three developmentally appropriate program levels—Skills for Growing (grades K-5), Skills for Adolescence (grades 6-8), and Skills for Action (grades 9-12) - that promote a caring, safe, well-managed, and participatory learning environment and allows students to develop 21st century life skills.

Why Lions Quest Works:

Lions Quest helps young people develop the skills to deal with emotions constructively, make responsible decisions, and set positive goals that lead to healthy, responsible lives free from the harm of drug abuse, bullying and violence.

Comprehensive – Lions Quest provides a holistic approach to youth development, addressing:

  • Character development,
  • social and emotional learning,
  • civic values,
  • substance abuse,
  • bullying and violence prevention,
  • and service-learning.

Flexible – Designed to be flexible, Lions Quest can be presented as stand-alone courses of varying lengths or be integrated within existing classes. Curriculum is supported by correlation guides, curriculum maps, and evaluation tools.

Quality Teacher Training – The Lions Quest commitment to quality preparation is based on the proven premise that programs for youth are most successful when comprehensive, program-specific training is provided. Lions Quest one- and two-day core workshops deliver superior curriculum and teacher training at every grade level.

Research - based with Proven Results – School districts, universities, and independent research firms have evaluated the effectiveness of Lions Quest program implementation. Results of the studies include improved academic achievement; change in knowledge, behaviors, and beliefs regarding substance abuse and violence; lower rates of disciplinary problems; lower risk of dropping out of school; and decreased use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs.

Support for Home-School-Community – Designed to integrate community and parent involvement into the implementation of the program. Lions Quest has been supported by the world’s largest service organization, Lions Clubs International for over 25 years.  Lions Clubs have been on the ground, working with schools and sharing the legacy of service with youth.


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