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Skills for Growing, K-5


Skills for Growing received a redesign in 2009 including an updated drug information guide, rationale, research and references. Each grade level has six topical units created to enhance the development of the whole child and academic performance. Included in the curriculum kit are weekly lessons for a full school year featuring multi-disciplinary activities for support, a positive school climate guide, student-family activity booklets, and a parent meeting guide.

Participation in Lions Quest training is required to purchase the curriculum.

Together Times, Age-Specific, Grades K-5:

Students will love this bright, fun-filled, student and family activity booklet that reinforces Lions Quest Skills for Growing lesson concepts. Skill-based activities help students strengthen skills through practice both at school and at home with their families. Packaged in five-unit sets, one for each unit, or sold individually.

$2.50 Five-Unit Set

Our popular Lions Quest mascot is a great teacher's aide. Keep Q-Bear in the classroom, library or reading center. 3" bear has embroidered "Q" on body.

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Skills for Adolescence, 6-8

Curriculum, 4th Edition:

Nine topical skill-building and prevention units provide 102 lessons with multi-disciplinary activities for flexible, stand-alone or integrated implementation formats of one, two or three years, one semester, or nine weeks. The curriculum kit includes a student workbook, parent book and parent meeting guide that help reinforce self-discipline, respect and responsibility, improved communication skills, good judgment and critical thinking, anger management and conflict resolution, and service to others.

Participation in Lions Quest training is required to purchase the curriculum.

Changes and Challenges, Student Book, 4th Edition:

Award winning, full-color paperback with exciting activities and projects on building self-confidence, improving communication, solving problems, making decisions, setting goals, and making the most of yourself. Includes thought-provoking articles, writing assignments to enhance language arts skills, and ideas designed to encourage family involvement.

The Surprising Years: Understanding Your Changing Adolescent, 4th Edition:

Designed for parents/caregivers, this colorful and informative paperback offers practical parenting tips on each of the topics covered in the Skills for Adolescence curriculum--building self-confidence in youth, communicating effectively, managing emotions, resolving conflicts, getting along with family members, avoiding drug use, and setting goals. Parents receive current drug information and support resources for families.


4th Edition Changes and Challenges / Surprising Years Combo Set



Skills for Adolescence for Out-of-School Time (SFA OST), 6-8


Created to meet the unique demands of afterschool programs and community centers working with middle school youth, SFA for OST is comprised of a program guide, implementation tools, 33 SEL lessons, five service-learning lessons, 116 reinforcement activities, numerous relationship-centered learning community strategies and activities. Purchase also includes one Changes and Challenges student book.

Participation in on-site training is highly recommended, although not required to purchase the curriculum.


SFA for OST Program Supplement:

For those who already have the full Skills for Adolescence curriculum, the program supplement provides the guide and implementation tools needed to utilize the curriculum successfully in out-of-school settings. A 4-part webinar series is also available to support program implementation.



Skills for Action, 9-12


Skills for Action received a redesign in 2009 including updated rationale, research and resources, and a separate Skills Bank book with instructions for optional use as a stand-alone SEL and life skills program. The curriculum includes state-of-the-art best practices in service-learning and over 100 life skills lessons offered in one-four year formats. Skills for Action can be taught as a separate course or integrated into the core curriculum. Curriculum kit includes a student magazine and advisory team handbook.

Participation in Lions Quest training is required to purchase the curriculum.

Exploring the Issues: Teens, Alcohol and Other Drugs:

A 3-part, 15-session mini-course that is both a supplemental and thematic unit of the Skills for Action program, and an independent course of study, designed to help each student gain the knowledge, attitudes and behaviors needed to grow up healthy and drug free. Includes detailed lessons, service-learning project ideas for each topic, and a community forum on drug prevention.

$10 While supplies last!
Making a Difference, Student Magazine:

An exciting student-centered magazine containing thematic readings, questions and inspiration for each part of the curriculum. Includes articles with excerpts and quotes from contemporary and historical sources, and writings by socially responsible authors and young people from diverse backgrounds.


Supplemental Materials

The Complete Guide to Service Learning:

This new, revised and updated second edition is a treasury of K-12 service activities, community service project ideas, quotes, reflections, and resources that can help teachers and youth workers engage young hearts and minds in reaching out and giving back. Author Cathryn Berger Kaye presents service learning—its importance, steps, essential elements, and challenges—within a curricular context and organized by theme.



Great Group Games : 175 Boredom-Busting, Zero-Prep Team Builders for All Ages:

Great Group Games offers activities that will gently disband group-busting cliques, help newcomers feel welcome, and turn your participants into friends who can count on each other. Authors Ragsdale and Saylor, experienced trainers and youth development leaders, have compiled games that are perfect for classrooms, retreats, workshops, and groups on the go. Each game includes details on timing, supplies, set up, suggested group size, game tips, and reflection questions. Best of all, the games are far from mindless.

Energizers: Calisthenics for the Mind:

The author, Carl Olson, who is also a teacher and trainer, draws on his creativity and years of experience to assemble 71 energizers, games and initiatives to jump start the learning process for all ages. Energizers are designed to activate the emotional nature of the group. Games are organized play, that include competition on an individual or team basis. Initiatives go one step further. They are exploratory in nature, creating more in-depth analysis of thoughts, feelings, impressions, and reactions.


Lions Quest Motivational Banners

Partners in Learning has created customizable banners to support Lions Quest themes and motivate students to become involved in community service. The age-appropriate banners are 3x5 heavy vinyl.

$99.00 - Buy 9 Get 1 Free!

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