Lions Quest K-12 programs are recognized by the National Youth Leadership Council, the National Service-Learning Clearinghouse, and the Service Works Retrospective Evaluation as Highly Effective service-learning programs. Service-learning methodology is woven throughout the Lions Quest K-12 curricula and combines school and community service with curriculum-based learning linked to academic content and standards. Lions Quest programs encourage students to address real and defined needs in the school and community that equally benefit both those served and serving. Service-learning encourages civic education and participation in a democracy and is appropriate for all ages. The Lions Quest programs encourage all students to engage in service-learning projects in the school and community by joining with local Lions clubs and other school and community leaders to:

  • Identify an important need in the school or community
  • Research the local organizations and agencies that meet the needs and find out how they can help
  • Identify individual talents and abilities
  • Create school-community connections
  • Provide a meaningful service that makes a difference
  • Utilize academic skills to carry out projects
  • Reflect on the service-learning experience to discover personal, social, emotional, ethical, and academic learning and meaning
  • Demonstrate and celebrate the learning with audiences outside the classroom through reports, videos, presentations, artwork, and school-community celebrations.

The Lions Quest Skills for Growing program introduces students in grades K-5 to service-learning projects in the middle of the school year. Skills for Adolescence for grades 6-8 teaches and reinforces life skills education and character development through service-learning after the second unit and encourages service-learning projects with each successive unit theme. Skills for Action for grades 9-12 offers a service-learning/life skills curriculum that prepares young people to apply their academic skills in service to others and become engaged citizens in the democratic process.

Service-Learning Projects

Service is the Lions primary mission, and a key component of all Lions Quest programs. Service-learning projects should stimulate students' intellectual curiosity, guiding them towards active citizenship and positive social action. Service-learning projects work best when they are age-appropriate, include engaging activities, explore the context of the underlying societal issues they address, and incorporate reflection activities before, during and after the service experience.

The following tools can help you get started with your service-learning projects:


In Memphis, TN, Lions Quest Skills for Action supports STAR Tutors who work with elementary youth to improve literacy.

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